AHEPA Daughters of Penelope
Arkansas chapter

   Little Rock Chapter 355
President: Dean Moutos, MD
Vice President: Frank Butts
Secretary: Pete Vratsinas
Treasurer: Raouf Kassissieh
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Kansas chapter

  Kansas City Chapter 73
President: Alfred J Safady
Vice President: None
Secretary: John Kouris
Treasurer: Jerry Bozikis
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    Overland Park Chapter 372
President: Dimitri Siscos, MD
Vice President: Jerry Arvanitakis
Secretary: Mark Wick
Treasurer: Nick Gatzoulis
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Louisiana chapters

    New Orleans Chapter 133
President: Lance von Uhde
Vice President: Nick Kleamenakis
Secretary: Nick Bouzon
Treasurer: George Psilos
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Andrew Jackson Chapter 133            
    Shreveport Chapter 8
President: John Georgiafandis
Vice President: Sammy Booras
Secretary: Gregory Panos
Treasurer: David Leste
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Ajax Chapter 211
Missouri chapter
Oklahoma chapters

    Oklahoma City Chapter 240
Vice President:
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    Tulsa Chapter 13
President: Konstantine (Dean) Roilos, PDG
Vice President: Marios Parperis
Secretary: Demetrius Bereolos, PDG
Treasurer: Michael Kingsley
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Texas chapters

    Austin Chapter 312
President: George Strategakos
Vice President: George Skevofilax
Secretary: Takis Petropoulos
Treasurer: Alexis Takvorian
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Clear Lake
Hellenic Spirit of Clear Lake Chapter 518
President: Demetrios Mourtakos
Vice President: Allen Nelson
Vice President: Dimitri “Jimmy” Tsiantopoulos
Secretary: George Zacharias
Treasurer: Christopher Wood
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    College Station Aggie Chapter 532
    Dallas Chapter 20
President: Jimmy Horiates
Vice President: Michael Stavrou
Recording Secretary: Panos Papamichalis
Corresponding Secretary: Nick C. Dixie
Treasurer: Bill Lane
Vice President of Hellenic Affairs:
Tassos Lalangas
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    Fort Worth Chapter 19
President: Efstathios “Stathis” Michaelides
Vice President: Christos Xydos
Secretary: Nick Payblas
Treasurer: Kenneth George
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Thetis Chapter 86
    Galveston George Marinos Chapter 276
President: Nick Voris
Vice President: Stanley Marinos
Secretary: Lee Douvry
Treasurer: Clinton Landrum
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    Houston Alexander the Great Chapter 29
President: Doug Harris
Vice President: James P. Cargas
Secretary: Mel Mamula
Treasurer: Mike Spartalis
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Achaia Chapter 54
    San Antonio Chapter 311
President: George Hathaway
Vice President: Dan Reeves
Secretary: Greg Asvestas
Treasurer: John Fotopoulos
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Hecabe Chapter 185
    West Houston Chapter 522
President: Nick Kaffes
Vice President: George Kastritis
Secretary: Thomas Gentzis
Treasurer: Emanuel Stamatakis
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Aura Chapter 405